Posters - Kwikset
Audience: 500+ Menards Hardware employees
Challenge: Design informational posters for a training seminar about Kwikset's newest electronic products.
Skills: Art Direction. Graphic Design. Copywriting. Print UX.
Brand Guidelines (40+ pages) - Kwikset
Audience: Company employees and outside vendors/sales associates/customers/big box stores.
Challenge: Produce a brand guideline booklet that includes all 15+ products/properties owned by Kwikset, as well as any icons, logos, and licensing materials. Must include brand colors, fonts, asset placement, and best practices. 
Skills: Art Direction. Graphic Design. Copywriting. Print UX.
Event Invitation - PTTOW!
Audience: 450+ Invitees - CEOs, CMOs, and other industry leaders and change makers
Challenge: Produce an elegant, prestigious invitation for the 11th annual PTTOW! event.
Skills: Art Direction. Print UX. Materials selection. Press checks. Vendor relations.
Photo shoot - Kwikset
Audience: Consumers and retailers. 
Usage: Marketing print collateral. Packaging. Consumer website. Tradeshow booth.
Challenge: Produce two-day on-location photo shoot: hire photographers, models, and choose locations. Collaborate with Brand Marketing to create shot list, ensuring entire electronic product line-up is being represented. Art direct 2 photographers in style and layout. Supervise on-set production. Art direct photo retouching and final deliverables. 
Delivered Pieces: 200+ images
Skills: Art direction. Project management. Creative brand strategy. Set production. Vendor relations. 
Packaging - Kwikset (electronic deadbolt product line)
Audience: Consumers
Challenge: Design and art direct packaging style and voice for Kwikset electronic product packaging. Maintain brand standards and an overall organization, however, each product must stand out from the others. Copywrite features and benefits. Design the user experience and organization of information.
Skills: Art direction. Graphic design. Production design. Copywriting. Creative brand strategy. Print UX. Press checks.
CES Tradeshow Booth - Kwikset 
Audience: Tradeshow attendees: consumers, retail and tech professionals.
Challenge: Create an inviting and visually appealing trade show booth for CES. Footprint 30'x40'. Needs room to display products where audience can interact with the  products as well as have room for employees to demonstrate the products and interact with the audience. Work with a display company to design the blueprints and dimensions of each piece. Art direct a designer in images and style.
Skills: Art direction. Graphic Design. Creative brand strategy. Environmental design. Press checks. 
Catalog - Pfister / Fortis
Audience: Consumers and sales managers
Challenge: Design sections for the new product offerings.
Skills: Graphic Design.
Print and Web Advertising Design - Disney Cruise Line
Audience: Travel magazine and blog readers. 
Challenge: Create print ads and web banners for Disney Cruise Line.
Skills: Graphic Design.  
Print and Web Advertising Design / Copywriting - Edible Rhody Magazine
Audience: Edible Rhody magazine readers
Challenge: Create advertisements for various Edible Rhody vendors and partners. Write and edit copy.
Skills: Art direction. Graphic Design. Copywriting. 
Advertising Design / Copywriting - Kwikset
Audience: Email consumers 
Challenge: Create 2 ads for Kwikset's electronic deadbolt product line. For email and print.
Skills: Art direction. Graphic Design. Copywriting. 
Retail Collateral - Kwikset Kevo
Audience: In-store Consumers
Challenge: Educate consumers about the features and benefits of a Kevo electronic deadbolt. 
Delivered Pieces: On-shelf interactive display. Informational one-sheet. On-shelf pick up ticket.
Skills: Art direction. Graphic Design. Copywriting. Creative brand strategy.
Retail Point of Sale and Collateral / Copywriting
Audience: In-store consumers
Challenge: Educate consumers about SmartKey features, benefits, and new padlock product line.
Skills: Art direction. Graphic Design. Copywriting. 
Social Media and E-commerce Assets - National Hardware
Audience: Hardware consumers
Usage: Blog posts. Social media. E-commerce websites. Print collateral.
Challenge: Collaborate with social media, e-commerce, and brand marketing departments to build a creative strategy for new and existing product lines. Assist in compiling lists of needed assets. Brainstorm ideas for social media and blog posts. Produce on-location one day photoshoot. Art direct photographers and post production artists for layout and composition. Supervise shot lists and production assistants. 
Skills: Art direction. Project management. Creative brand strategy. Set production. 
Social Media and Email Advertising - WORLDZ
Audience: Potential and confirmed event attendees
Challenge: Produce email headers/body artwork and social media and video posts  (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).
Skills: Art direction. 
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